If you were to say you were throwing your dog a birthday party you would probably get one of two looks, a look of confusion and concern, or a look of joy and excitement. Usually the look of confusion and concern is from non-dog owners so their opinion doesn’t count. But if you’re like me and want any excuse to celebrate your four-legged friend then I can help you give your dog the best birthday ever!

1. Invite List
The first thing you should decide on is whether you will be inviting other dog owners and their dogs, this will entirely depend on your dog and how they are around other dogs and people. If your dog tends to be more nervous you may want to keep it quiet and just have a few people and dogs you know your four-legged friend is comfortable around. If your dog is friendly and outgoing then you can invite a few more people and dogs, however you should make it clear to people you invite that there will be other dogs attending in case they have a nervous dog. Be sure not to invite overly many dogs as you want to be able to handle them all in a safe and comfortable manner.

2. Location
– If your dog tends to be more nervous than having it at your house may be a good idea as it’s a familiar environment to your dog. Having the party in your yard can also be a good option if you are inviting other dogs as it is a more controlled environment opposed to a park. Be aware if your dog is usually territorial of their space as this could cause problems. If your dog tends to be territorial than having it in a neutral space may work better. If you’re not comfortable having it in a park try asking a friend or family member if you could use their yard.

Park – If you don’t have enough space at home for a dog party then the park can be a good option. It is best to have it at a park that’s fenced off as this will ensure all the dogs are safe. Keep in mind that parks that are fenced off are usually dedicated dog parks meaning there will likely be other dogs there you don’t know.
Beach – If the weather is warmer another option is a dog friendly beach. Again keep in mind that it’s likely there will be other dogs there you don’t know, so ensure all dogs attending are friendly and happy to be around other dogs. 

3. Food
There are a few dog bakeries that are based in Melbourne or that deliver around Australia that make dog birthday cakes and treats. A few are:
-Melbourne Pawtisserie
-Diamond Dog Bakery
-Supaw Pet Bakery
-Gourmet Dog Barkery
-Sweet Chops
-Bojangles Barkery
If you’re located anywhere else simply do a google search of dog bakeries in your area. Another option is baking a cake or treats yourself. Check out a previous blog post I did of a dog cake recipe by clicking here.

4. Games & Activities
Scavenger Hunt – Hide some treats around in the grass and let the dogs find them.
Ball Pit – Fill up a children’s plastic pool with balls and watch the dogs have fun. If it’s a warm day you could also add some water for the dogs to have a splash around.
Best Trick Competition– Get all the owners and their dogs to perform the best trick they know, you can even give out prizes or toy trophies to the best ones.
Simon Says – Have someone say a command and the owners and dogs have to follow.
Dress Ups/Photo Booth– Have a box of dog outfits available that owners can dress their dogs up in and take photos of. You can also have a best dressed competition. Ensure you don’t keep your dog in their outfit for long as it’s not natural for them to be in clothes. If you know your dog is uncomfortable dressed up in outfits then maybe give this one a miss.
Doggy Pinata – Fill a pinata full of dog treats and get the owners to have a go at hitting it. As the treats fall out the dogs can have the joy of collecting them all. Ensure that no dogs are to close while the humans are swinging at the pinata.
Guess The Breed – Have some photos of different dog breeds and get the owners to try and guess as many as they can.

Take note of any dogs who may have toy or food aggression to avoid any problems.


  1. Great list!

    We celebrated our dog’s 2nd birthday with some of her friends this year. Another great addition would be to put together small gift bags of toys for all the dogs in attendance. That way they can have something to remember the party! 😀


  2. But you missed out on a very important aspect of a dog birthday party (at least for the many who adopted their dog from a rescue organization/humane society). You should remember said organization and acknowledge what a huge contribution they make every day in the interests of our canine friends. As most of them are operating on the strength of volunteers and financial donations, a dog’s birthday is a wonderful opportunity to say “Thank you”, and make an appropriate donation. You will feel good…. and they will love you for it. 🙂


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