brighton dog beach

As the weather warms up in Melbourne you are guaranteed to see people flocking towards the beaches, but what about our four-legged friends? Brighton dog beach is designed specifically for dogs, meaning they never have to miss out on a trip to the beach! With clear water, clean sand, and the sight of happy dogs running and playing, it’s easy to mistake it for a doggy heaven!

brighton dog beach brighton dog beach

The beach is fenced off making it safe for your dog to run around and play to their heart’s content. It is also a very popular spot with dog owners so your dog is guaranteed to make some friends.

brighton dog beachbrighton dog beach

brighton dog beach

Between running up the hills, rolling in the sand, and frolicking in the water, your dog is guaranteed to enjoy their day here and go home exhausted!

brighton dog beach

brighton dog beach

Location: Sandown Street, Brighton.
Council: Bayside.
Off Leash: Fenced, off lead area is located between Sandown Street and Bay Street.
Water and bins available. Yes.
2hr parking available in Seacombe Grove.

brighton dog beach


  1. I am looking for a dog owner who walk their dog at the end of Cole st Brighton. In an area where you must have your dog leashed the dog was not on a leash and it ran onto the bike path and in front of my bike. It caused me to crash my bike leaving me with horrific injuries. The worst thing is he ran off. I would like to contact him.


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