LeashpodWe’ve all been there, you’re walking your dog when they need to relieve themselves. After your dog does their business you clean up after them, only to then realise there’s no bin in sight and you have to carry the smelly bag the rest of the way home. That is until you own a Leashpod!

The Leashpod comes with a waste bag dispenser and a scented storage bin with a freshener, so you no longer have to carry smelly dog waste bags in your hand until you find a bin. Then when you arrive at a bin all you need to do is open the storage bin and dispose of the waste bags, with no touching required. The Leashpod also includes a strong steel snap hook to attach your dogs leash, and two storage pockets for any essentials you may need. Meaning you can carry everything you need while walking your dog in one hand!



Click here to see a video of the product.


Unfortunately I have not seen this product in any major pet stores, I found mine at a small pet store while on a holiday in Daylesford, Victoria. The other downside is that when I tried to go on the company’s Australian website it would not work. You can however order it online via their American website. I will also link some other Australian sites I found below where you can order the product.

Small – for dogs up to 20kg (44lbs).
Large – for dogs up to 40kg (88lbs).

Where to buy (click on site name to be redirected):
Leashpod – American site
My Pet Universe – Australian site
Pookinuk – Australian site

Disclaimer: These views are entirely my own. This is not a sponsored post. I purchased this product out of my own will and thought it was a fantastic product to share. 

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