Green Gully Reserve Dog Park
If you live in the western suburbs of Melbourne and are looking for a local park to bring your dog, check out Green Gully Reserve in Keilor Downs. Green Gully Reserve contains an enclosed dog park for dogs to roam around, exercise and socialise safely.

Tiffany at Green Gully Reserve Dog ParkCo at Green Gully Reserve Dog ParkThe dog park contains a set of agility equipment which is a great source of physical and mental stimulation for your dogs.
Green Gully Reserve Dog ParkGreen Gully Reserve also contains lots of large, open space where dogs are allowed off-lead, however the rest of the park is not fenced off. There are also walking paths you can follow alongside the creek.
Always ensure your dog is under effective voice control and cleaned up after when in either parts of the park.

Location: Green Gully Road, Keilor Downs. Enter opposite Driscolls Road.
Council: Brimbank.
Off Leash: No restrictions in enclosed dog park. Right side of the rest of the park is off-lead.
Click here for a handy map!
Water and waste bags available.
Facilities: Toilets, BBQ/picnic areas. Also located here is The German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria.
Free parking available in front of enclosed dog park.

If anyone would like me to do a review on a specific dog park they are interested in please feel free to ask, I’ll do my best to check the park out and write a post about it.


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