1. I’m sorry to hear, but glad both you and your dog are ok. Unfortunately some people don’t take full responsibility of owning a dog and don’t train or socialise them properly, which then results in the dog being aggressive and unprovoked attacks happening like yours.


  2. My dog Farley, a wheaten terrier, has been attacked twice. Both time from behind and both times he was on leash. Neither of us saw it coming. The first time he needed vet. The second time he was attacked by 2 dogs and they hurt each other, missing me and Farley. After reading your article, I feel lucky I wasn’t hurt. I the first case I kicked the dog in the head to make it take its teeth out of Farley’s hind quarters. In the second case I punched the dog in the head to get it away from me. I’m not an aggressive person and I love dogs, but both these things just happened. I’m not sure why the dogs went for Farley since he didn’t see them and was surprised.


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