Altona Dog BeachThere is no better place in Melbourne to bring your dog on a warm summer day than Altona Dog Beach. With shallow water, flat sand and lots of space, the beach provides a safe place for your dog to run, swim and keep cool.

Altona Dog Beach

While at other beaches you may have to worry about specific time restrictions or people sunbaking, the only thing you’ll find here are dogs and their owners. It is an extremely popular place for people to bring their dogs, especially if the weather is a little warmer, however you are always able to find your own space for you and your pooch.

Altona Dog Beach

Altona Dog Beach

Location: Opposite PA Burns Reserve, Altona. Area bounded by Altona Coastal Park, Altona Road and Altona Workers Club.
Council: Hobsons Bay.
Off Leash: No restrictions.
Water and bins available. No waste bags available.
Parking available at the Altona Sports Club and Pines Scout Camp.



  1. C’mon …. let’s have some sensitivity here! I woke up to -22C temperature (-35C with the wind), and the first mail I open is pics of dogs charging around hot beaches! That’s really not nice………… and Ray’s morning “deposits” are already frozen solid which dictates hacking around them to get them up!


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