Aranga Reserve Dog Activity CentreAranga Reserve Dog Activity Centre is a fantastic place for Donvale locals to bring their dogs to train, socialise, exercise and explore! This spacious park is completely fenced off making it a safe environment for your dog to enjoy lots of room to run around.
Aranga Reserve Dog Activity Centre

Aranga Reserve Dog Activity Centre

The park also offers a training area, which is a closed off section of the park, where you can bring a dog who may need their own space, or to not be distracted while being trained.
Aranga Reserve Dog Activity Centre

There is also agility equipment available for your dog to enjoy. This is a great release for your dogs energy and will also stimulate your dog mentally.
Aranga Reserve Dog Activity Centre

Tiffany guarantees your dog will enjoy it here!
Tiffany guarantees your dog will enjoy it here!

Location: Eastway Avenue, Donvale.
Council: Manningham.
Off Leash: No restrictions.
Water and waste bags available.
Parking available in front of park on Eastway Avenue.


  1. We’ve been coming to this park for over 4 years and its always been great, However this afternoon my dog was attacked by a white husky which led to a 5 dog rumble, My dog was left with an injury on the side of his face, The two owners one brunette female in a purple top and her partner a blonde male in a light colored singlet and shorts were facing the other end of the park about 20 meters away, Their response to my asking if the dogs was theirs and explaining what had just happened to was to flippantly remark that oh that’s never happened before. They were not paying any attention. This park is great as long as the dog owners are responsible and can control their pets, Several times we have left early due to rowdy Husky breeds and owners not paying attention.


    1. There were six huskies there on a Saturday and several were bullies . my 8 month old Collie was chased and attacked by one Huskie. On another day another Huskie constant seeked my dog to harassed. I intervened by shouting and moving between them. The Huskie continued to go around me to reach my dog but I persevered. It then vocalised its bark/howl at me. The female owner said that her Huskie ‘ just wants to play’. That was plain aggression and prey seeking. Other owners have admitted similar incidents of their dogs and other dogs being chased and bullied.


  2. What started out as a good idea to socialise our two 5 month old puppies ended in our dogs being traumatised by a dingo cross. Part of the etiquette is NOT to allow your dog to harass or intimidate others dogs & to keep control of your dogs behavior. I closely watch my dogs & to have them both squeal in absolute fear while being chased is not a pleasant experience. And to have other people telling me not to pick up my dogs is ridiculous! I will NOT return to this off lead park ever! Some owners think it’s okay to allow their dog to chase others in intimidation & shrug it off as ‘just dogs playing’. Be responsible for your dogs behavior!


  3. We had quite a bad experience here once before. A husky was off lead whilst his owner was sleeping under a tree, the dog attacked my dog. i mangaged to brake them up but my little jack russel x chi now has bad aggresstion issues

    i love this park its great most of the time so now i come at around 7pm with my other dog who loves other dogs

    Great little part as well!


  4. Hey! This is OUR dog park. Haha. Well I mean this is our off leash park of choice. I wrote about it on my blog too. The agility equipment is great fun and this off leash area is huge. We actually drive about 15 minutes in the car to get here.


  5. Looks like a wonderful arrangement. Envy from me – drool from Ray! The best we have is a large open area totally fenced where dogs are out of control while their owners socialize, and a “small dog area” which nobody uses ….. except us! We can let Ray loose in there. It’s not very big but he can stretch his legs for short sprints. 🙂


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